Australia is an attractive career move

Doctors look to Australia for better employment options, relaxed lifestyle, warmer climate and access to the beach.

Lets look at why so many Irish GPs have already made the move:

  • The healthcare system is fantastic – there’s less paperwork, less bureaucracy and more access to Allied Health… as a GP you can get things done!
  • The broader scope of work gives you more opportunities to work in specialisms like womens health, chronic illness, occupational health as well as procedural specialisms.
  • The culture is positive in Australia. Morale is higher as doctor to patient rates are higher, clinical outcomes are better… it’s a win win situation.
  • It’s no secret that GPs enjoy more flexible working hours, a better work life balance and higher earnings.

Exactly why is Australia so popular for Irish CMO’s and Registrars?

  • The hospital system is better funded, staffed and managed. As a result trainee doctors benefit from first class support, working with consultants who have the time to become mentors providing invaluable insights and fresh perspectives.
  • Hospitals encourage career progression through training programs and rotations with other departments.
  • A balanced work schedule doesn’t see you working 12 days in a row, but gives you flexibility with rosters like 4 days on, 4 days off.
  • We all know that young doctors benefit from better working conditions, higher salaries and quality of life outside work

Why Wavelength?

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